Birds of Goa

   Goa, India’s smallest state, sandwiched between the Arabian Sea in the west and the Western Ghats in the east, is home to about 35% of India’s avifauna. This diversity is appreciably high considering that Goa has just three major landscapes and an area of only 3,702 sq. km. The three landscapes of the state can be classified as coastal plain (coast), mid highlands (Malabar plains), and the Western Ghats (Baidya and Bhagat 2018).

   Goa has 473 species of birds of which 11 are endemic to the Western Ghats, 19 fall under various categories of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species,and 48 are listed in Schedule I Part(III)of The Indian WildLife (Protection) Act,1972.

List of Birds of Goa

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