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Public Outreach Programs

  GBCN conducts outreach activities on a regular basis for schools and colleges wherein members engage children and introduce them to the joys of bird watching. We are also involved in capacity building of field staff of Goa Forest Department. We also conduct various sessions on different aspects of birds and bird watching for the general public which are usually addressed by eminent people in the respective field.

   The Birding Buddies Workshop at Goa College of Pharmacy was Conducted by Early Bird & Hosted by Goa Bird Conservation Network.Participants were given tips how to conduct various Bird Awareness Programs at various levels like school & colleges. Parag Rangnekar shared his experiences of teaching children about nature and in particular birds over the last decade in Goa.

Interactive session on birdwatching for Students of Mount Mary High School- Chinchinim. March-2017

    Mabel Noronha, member of Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN) along with Prasanna Parab, EC member of GBCN, interacted with students of Mount Mary High School- Chinchinim giving talks on birds of Goa. It is through these small efforts by members of GBCN that the network tries to influence our younger generation and spread the message of conservation of bird habitats and joys of bird watching.

Special Birdwalks cunducted for participants of Annual Conference of Indian Society for Landscape Architects-January 2017

    Goa Bird Conservation Network members, Rajiv D'Silva, Mandar Bhagat and Pronoy Baidya conducted two birdwalks for the participants of the 12th annual conference of Indian Society for Landscape Architects in Miramar-Caranzalem Beach. This 2 day conference featured 5 different themed walks of which GBCN bird walk was one! Participants were exposed to the coastal birds of the state with the migratory Plovers giving good views.

Birdwatching session for Shree Ganesh Vidya Mandir, Maupsa January 2017

   Pronoy Baidya, Member of Goa Bird Conservation Network (GBCN) was invited to interact with the kids of Shree Ganesh Vidya Mandir, Maupsa and expose them towards the joys of bird watching and nature in general. The day started with a bird watching session early in the morning where a scope was used to get up close with birds followed by a very interactive discussion and presentation on Birds and their importance in the ecosystem.

Talk by Pankaj Sekhsaria

- November 2016

   Goa Bird Conservation Network as a part of its efforts to get members interact with well known conversationalists/ ornithologists/ ecologists had organised a talk by Pankaj Sekhsaria, eminent environmentalist, scientist, and author of the novel The Last Wave.

   Pankaj spoke to us about Problems in the islands and his tryst with birds of the Islands, the highlight being the Nicobar Megapode!

Training workshop for the Forest Department Staff at Cotigao WLS. October-2016

     Members of Goa Bird Conservation Network held a training workshop for the Forest Department Staff at Cotigao WLS. The training program included sessions about basics of bird-watching, bird calls, bird identification and survey methods, which was also followed by an on field practical session. It was amazing to see the response of the forest guards (age no bars) picking up the binoculars and appreciating birds. During the workshop, we also released the book titled "Survey Manual for Birds of Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary" which was painstakingly developed by the working team of GBCN. This book has also been circulated amongst the forest guards in their smart phones which we were happy to note being used, much after the completion of the training program.


Birdwatching session for kids by Times of India February-2016


  A special birdwatching session for kids was organised by Times of India in association with GBCN. It was held at two locations Carambolim Lake & Curtorim Lake on 14th & 21st February 2016 respectively.

Birding with children from Naval Public School,Vasco

- January 2016

    Initiating kids into birdwatching and creating awareness about birds and their habitats has been a core focus of the GBCN.

as a part of it,on Sunday,31st January 2016, a special birdwatching session was held at Carambolim Wetland for children from Naval Public School, Vasco.


GBCN was given opportunity to give Presentation at Goa Art & literature Festival December 2015. Rajiv D'silva & Parag Rangnekar represented on behalf of GBCN. Rajiv did a presentation on GBCN's mission & its activities.

Goa Art & literature Festival

December 2015

Waterfowl Identification Workshop December 2015


  1st Waterfowl Identification workshop was conducted by GBCN on 20th December2015 as a preparation for the All Goa Waterfowl Count 2016. Ronit Dutta conducted workshop.

  Participants were taken to Carambolim lake & environs.They were taught how to identify common waders & other waterfowl with few basic pointers & behavior in field. This workshop helped participants of forth coming All Goa Waterfowl Count which was supposed to be held in January 2016.

Birding By Ear- November 2014

The Goa Bird Conservation Network’s Birding By Ear initiative was an experiment to introduce the joys of birding to visually-impaired children. Two introductory sessions were held on the 20th and 27th of September 2014 at the premises of the National Association for the Blind School at St. Cruz in which a bunch of very enthusiastic children were made familiar with the calls of common and uncommon birds. They were also able to touch and feel specimens of bird feathers, claws, talons and entire stuffed birds. Later on Sunday,9th November 2014 GBCN ventured out into the field, with a group of 22 visually-impaired children exploring the Soccorro Plateau along with the members of the GBCN.